Calgary Food Tours Inc. is all about food, fun, and adventure.

Our tours revolve around food and how much fun it is to explore new tastes.

We want to take you out of your ordinary routine for the day so you’ll have a mini-break and a bit of an adventure.

What tours are available?

Click on the offerings below to read about the exciting plan for each tour in more detail.

Alberta Farm Tours

A Passage to Indian Cooking

Chef Guided tour of the Calgary Farmer’s Market

Celebration of Chinatown

Flavours of Fourth St. Supper Club

Foraging Fridays

Inglewood’s Edible Enticements

International Intrigue Tour

Stephen Avenue Rambling Supper Club

Urban Hike for the Uptown Appetite

Who are the people who go on Calgary Food Tours?

Adventurous people will love these tours. People new to town will have an orientation to parts of the city that many life-long Calgarians have not ventured to. This is a perfect outing and bonding experience for book clubs, gourmet clubs, birthday parties, bridal showers, and small offices. The tours are usually limited to 12 to 15 so the atmosphere remains intimate and the attention received is individual.


What happens on a Calgary Food Tour?

All Calgary Food Tours can include the following elements:

• tasting a variety of food and beverages - some of the tours can include a full lunch or dinner with wine and
some are more about covering a lot of territory and tasting along the way (they always add up to a meal or more).
• Introductions to food producers, artisans, business owners and chefs
• cooking demos
• recipes and important information on ingredients
• a gift and sometimes valuable discounts

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